Rian Hidayatullah, Hery Suryadi


Pekanbaru is the capital of Riau province who also have serious concerns about the derelict in this regard are street children. Figures existence of street children in the city of Pekanbaru is high enough to be one of the social problems in the community. Pekanbaru city government was not without effort to eradicate street children in the city of Pekanbaru. One way to conduct training to street children, it is the primary goal of the research conducted by the author. In this paper the authors study using qualitative analysis methods. While the data analysis technique used is descriptive analysis of spoken words and observable behavior of the people studied.
Based on the results of research conducted and followed by analyzing the data obtained from the question and answer directly to the informant, resulting in that the views of the five substances of government functions: (1) Provision of Services, as a concept has been well formulated but they lack the facilities that support, because only 1 has a facility to conduct training. (2) setting, Pekanbaru City does not have specific regional regulation of street children, street children is only one study in Pekanbaru City Regulation No. 12 Year 2008 on the Social Order. (3) Coordination of the review has been going pretty well, it is seen from the joint raid Social Service and Pekanbaru City Cemetery with other institutions that together took to the streets. (4) Representatives, Parliament representatives of the people, has synergy with the Department of Social and Pekanbaru City Cemetery, special support from relevant Council special budget for development of street children. (5) Development, Social Services and Funeral Pekanbaru, only have one container that LBK, the last condition is far from manicured, and until the end of this research in the LBK has been no activity on social issues. Judging from the five substances, some shortcomings do Social Service and Funeral Pekanbaru City street children in foster such development activities, the construction of additional homes built, as well as the need for understanding and support of all components of both the public and the government to resolve at least reduce the problem of street children.
Keywords: Performance of Social Service, Government Functions, Street Child Development.

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