Yulwinda Fitri, Suryalena "


This research focuses on an implementation of job promotion done by PT.
Telkom Pekanbaru which located in JendralSudriman Street No. 199.
The descriptive quantitative method is used to analyze collected data. The
descriptive quantitative method is an analysis by classifying data thus obtained, then
processed in accordance to its function. Processing results are then presented in
numerical form that easier to understand. Statistical data processing is done to the
extent of descriptive only and still has not reached the stage of generalization.
The results of the analysis that has been done can be seen that the
implementation of the promotion is done by PT. Telekom Pekanbaru already included in
the category of “appropriate” to the terms set by the company. Implementation of job
promotion at PT. Telkom based on the value of Competence (K) obtained by filling a
questionnaire that employees do online. The standard of competence at PT. Telkom is
K3 and if someone wants to be promoted, the employee must obtain K2. K3 value set by
the company is 95 and the value of K2 range 95-115. The questionnaire contains an
assessment of the employee who filled out by supervisors, fellow workers, subordinates,
and the employees themselves. The questionnaire as a whole contains about discipline,
knowledge of employees, the company common knowledge, knowledge about the job,
and how the employee socialize with their work environment.
Keywords: Human Resource Management, Job Analysis, and Job Promotion.

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