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PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Dumai is one of the BUMN that are engaged in service traffic
news, money, stuff with the largest service network and has spread in all corners of the
country. The quality of service to the community is often used as a benchmark in viewing the
success of an organizations or Government agencies. The Government as a provider of
services trying to provide services with the quality that corresponds to the expectations of the
community. But in fact the Dumai in particular in the provision of services of paketpos at the
post Office of Dumai have overall perfect in providing service to the community. This can be
seen from the large number of complaints about the existing services at the post office
Damai. As for the purpose of this research is to find out how quality of service PT. Pos
Indonesia (Persero) Dumai in providing paketpos Services.The concept of the theory is the
theory of service quality according to Zeithmal et al in Hardiyansyah. Indicators in this study,
namely: Tangibles (Facilities and equipment Service Appearance), Realibility (reliability in
Service Delivery), Responsiveness (Ketanggapan in the provision of Services), Assurance
(the ability of Employees to create Customer Confidence) and Emphaty (Caring Employees
of PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero) Dumai).From the results of research, it can be concluded that
the services provided by PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Dumai not optimal. It can be seen the
indicator Realibility (reliability) of which telhat from the package that is sent is not up at the
right time and couriers in charge of delivering the goods did not show the keramahanya, as
well as PT Pos Dumai has not fully run the SOP. For indicator of Responsiveness
(responsiveness) officers from PT. Post not quite responsive in the face of complaints from
Key words : service, service quality, Tangibles, Realibility, Respon-siveness, assurance
dan empthy

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