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This research while such by the law number year 22 2009 about traffic and public transport article 43 allow the indoor parking spaces for the street or later called. on-street parkingAccording to the bill, on-street parking facilities can only be held in a particular place on the district road, the village, the way the city which must be expressed with traffic, and / or. and traffic signsThis is the kind of research with a qualitative approach. descriptive researchInformant of the research is employees and the transportation department pekanbaru.The results of the study concluded that the contents of the policy on-street parking in the area of jl sudirman pekanbaru has covered the benefit of the target group.Through this policy is getting smoother traffic and no thuggery that acts as the. on-street parkingInterests included in the implementation of this policy not onlFrom the department of transportation the main but also the public as road users as well as the target group.The benefits received by the policies on-street parking by actors implementation and also very large. target groupsThrough this policy all users will be a comfortable, street the actor in policy decision-making on-street parking has been targeted.Head of transportation agency who is tupoksinya is to secure all smooth traffic having an enormous impact in the decision-making processy

     Implementing the policy on street parking on jl sudirman city pekanbaru quick when they received complaints from the public . And the coordinator on street parking who had not yet fully committed in doing his job .Is due to because there is no training given to the park controlling the policy on street , terkhusus parking officer on street .Resources available still not enough Terkhususnya. human resourcesHuman resources are not enough competent in the demolition on-street parking since the idea of the education and training received is very minimal


Keywords: control policy implementation

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