Ferdy Martha, Sujianto "


Implementation of Operational Control Internet Cafes In Tembilahan
Indragiri Hilir. Internet cafes are businesses engaged in services that provide services to the
public internet fasilitass. Rapidly growing internet cafes in the city Tembilahan. This is in line
with the growing need for access to technology and information and the current era of
globalization. Of services offered by the internet cafes are popular , social networking sites and
online gaming. This study aims to determine how the factors inhibiting the implementation and
operational control of internet cafes in the city Tembilahan Indragiri Hilir, to conform to the
applicable regulations Indragiri districts downstream regulation number 21 of 2008 concerning
public order .This study used qualitative methods of data collection techniques by means of
interviews, observation and study of literature. Interviews were conducted by research
informants defined by snowball sampling technique. The results found that the implementation
of the operational control of internet cafes in Tembilahan kabapaten downstream Indragiri not
run optimally in accordance with the regulations set by the government. It can be seen from the
number of internet cafes business owners who commit violations such as violations of the
operating hours of internet cafes, many coming pengunjug school attributes, and there are many
visitors who come under 17 years of age. It all can not be separated from the presence of
obstacles in the implementation of the curb that is, less their cooperation cyber cafe owner ,
limited human and financial resources the municipal police, and lack of coordination of the
parties concerned .
Keywords : Execution , Control , Public Interne

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