Muhammad Furqon, Afrizal "


This research is motivated by a dispute between Japan and China in
having the Senkaku Islands. This study aims to describe the Senkaku Islands, and
describe and explain the steps in the case of possession Japan the Senkaku
This study used qualitative methods, the research done by way of
explaining the way of outlining the problem based on the existing evidence. The
technique used to obtain secondary data and facts in order to study the problem
in this paper is to use the research literature (library research) in the form of
books, literature, dictionaries, articles in magazines, scientific journals, bulletins,
etc., and also documentation that can be accessed via the internet. Results reveal
that the Senkaku Islands are 5 rocky uninhabited islands, but around the many
islands contained reserves of oil and natural gas.
The steps that have been performed in Japan have Senkaku Islands are:
(1) states and incorporate the Senkaku Islands as Japanese territory, (2) buy the
Senkaku Islands from the Japanese private sector, (3) conduct a cordon near its
territory from China, and conduct war games with the United States in the region
near the Senkaku Islands, (4) joint consensus (joint Agreement) to administer the
islands jointly.
Keywords : Japanese Strategy, Senkaku Islands

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