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Talang Mamak is a set of people who are alienated and still live traditionally in sehiliran Indragiri River , Riau Province . Culture and traditions of the Talang Mamak is very diverse , such as Gawai , Up ponds , even in medicine . Talang Mamak tribe still use traditional medicine in curing the disease , one of them by performing rituals like Berdukun Berbara .
Berdukun Berbara is a traditional healing ceremony Talang Mamak tribe with a way to set foot kebara apipanas led by support for the healing of disease . In addition , it aims to reject berdukun custody and keeping the village . Berdukun implemented when there is one of the people who suffer from diseases caused by creature - mahuk smooth or evil spirits . Shamans in treating disease using supernatural power or powers supanatural assisted by spirits good or what they refer to as angels .
The study was conducted by qualitative descriptive method and sampling Snowball sampling . The sample consisted of a chief, mind , Stakeholders , and Patients in the village Shaman Jerinjing Talang District of West Rengat Indragiri Hulu .
In this study , the authors try to tell and explain how the health care system ( Berdukun Berbara ) tribe in the village Talang Talang Mamak Jerinjing . The results of the interviews and observation of the samples taken researcher , researchers know berdukun treatment system as the game goes on supporting the passage of the treatment , as well as spells and potions which are used for treatment .
Furthermore , this study also revealed the existence of social relations , economy and culture between the shaman and the patient . How socio - economic relations and socio- cultural relationships occur in treatment .
Keywords : system , health care , traditional medicine , quack .

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