Anisa Rizky Mentari, Evawani Elysa Lubis


Stimulus response is a simple learning principle, where effects is a reaction to a particular stimulus. Thus it can be understood there is a connection between the message to the media and the reaction of the audience. Based on data taken from Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), a research and analysis from the UK. In addition to the number of users instagram, TNS revealed 45 percent of users in Indonesia admitted often buy things they encounter in instagram. TObjective of this study was to determine how much influence the motives instagram social media entrepreneurship.
Reserch using quantitative research methods, techniques collecting data through questionnaires make use of a questionnaire and meet with the respondent by the number of respondents, 96 people were determined through accidental sampling technique, using a formula unknown population.
The results of this study indicate that social media instagram significantly affect entrepreneurship motive Riau University students. This is evidenced by tcount of value is 5.900 with significance tcount 0,000. Tcount greater than ttable namely 5.900> 1.985. The value of the coefficient of determination(R2) obtained by 0.520 and the coefficient of determination (Rsquare) amounted to 0,270 the result of squaring the correlation coefficient of 0.520 x 0.520. The figure shows that the influence of social media understanding of the motives instagram Riau University student entrepreneurship by 27.0% in the low category. The independent variable (Social Media Instagram) contributed 27.0% of the dependent variable (Motive entrepreneurship) while the remaining 73.0% is influenced by other variables that are not incorporated into this study as well as conventional sales.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Social Media Effect, Motive

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