Evaluasi Penerimaan Retribusi Parkir Di Tepi Jalan Umum Di Dinas Perhubungan (DISHUB) Kota Pekanbaru



Abstract: Retribution is one of the main sources of finance reception area
in the original income component. Department of Transportation (Affair)
Pekanbaru City is one of the City Government which is responsible for managing
one of the primal source of income is the one area on the edge of the parking levy
a public road by Regulation No. 14 of 2001 concerning the organization and
management of perpakiran. One effort to increase revenue Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru
City Department of Transportation through levies, saw the potential of public
curbside parking levy has great potential to contribute to the reception area. The
purpose of this study: To evaluate the acceptance of curbside parking fees in
public in the city of Pekanbaru Transportation Agency, and to determine the
factors that influence acceptance of curbside parking fees in public in Pekanbaru
city Transportation Department.
Data analysis method used in this research is descriptive qualitative
analysis method that is based on trying to explain the phenomena that exist and
explore all the facts relating to the subject matter covered by the results of
research on the evaluation of Levy Proceeds In Public Road Parking In
Department of Transportation (Transportation Agency) Pekanbaru.
Based on the research and the analysis that has been conducted on this
study , obtained In the sub- indicators of the development of the second highest
GDP Pekanbaru in Sumatra after Medan . Thus the possibility of receiving a
roadside parking levy greater than that in the target of Rp . 5.5 Billion . Ever
increasing population growth will certainly affect the increased revenue roadside
parking fees , due to the increase of population , the need Transporter tool
increasing two-wheeled one . In sub-indicators tariff adjustments , that there is a
difference in the two-wheeler parking rates of legislation that has been established
with self-managed parking designated or established by the government , so it can
be assumed to be one cause of the reduced parking fees receipts in one curbside
parking rates difference . Factors affecting the acceptance of roadside parking fees
in public by the city of Pekanbaru Pekanbaru Transportation Agency is
communication , human resources , and disposition .
Keywords: Evaluation, Acceptance, Parking Levy On Public Road

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