Rini Andriani, Nurlaila Meilani


Livestock Production Improvement Program is one of the activities program implemented by the Department of Agriculture of Bengkalis Regency where the program is intended primarily to spur production. The program implemented in pinggir Sub district of Bengkalis Regency experienced various problems in the implementation of there is overlapping in the distribution of seeds of cattle to farmer groups as well as improper program targets resulting in programs that have been implemented not in accordance with the intended purpose. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to analyze the effectiveness of the increase of livestock production program in Pinggir Sub-district of Bengkalis Regency. This research uses the concept of Effectiveness theory by EdySutrisno (2007: 125-126). This research uses qualitative research method with descriptive data analysis and data analysis technique using interactive model (Interactive Model) from Milles and Huberman (1984) which quoted in sugiyono (2014).In the data collecting researchers using interviewing techniques, observation, and documentation. The results of this study, it can be seen that in the implementation of the program to increase the production of livestock products in pinggir Sub district of Bengkalis Regency based on the following indicators (1) understanding of the program, farmer groups understand in general the implementation of the program through counseling / socialization of the UPT BPP (2) Exactly Goals, Programs that are not on the right target where the target given is not in accordance with the rules that have been set but many who get cattle help without going through specific group data verification (3) On time, not yet optimal the predetermined period of time to make the program activities are constrained in terms of triggering the production of cattle(4) The achievement of the objectives, in fact many groups of farmers who failed to manage and breed his cattle because the main target is not the original breeder group (5) Real change, the real change felt by breeder groups not all groups of farmers who get help feel a positive impact or real change.
Keywords: Program, Effectiveness, Livestock

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