Implementasi Peraturan Bupati No. 5 Tahun 2005 Tentang Pembinaan dan Pengawasan Distribusi Tata Niaga Pengadaan dan Penyaluran Bahan Bakar Minyak di kecamatan Bengkalis Kabupaten Bengkalis

Fenti Effendi, Endang Sulistyaningsih


Riau is a province that has twelve districts , namely Pekanbaru , Dumai , Bengkalis ,
Rokan Hulu , Rokan Hilir , Indragiri Hulu , Indragiri Hilir , Kuansing , Kampar , Meranti Islands
, Siak and Pelalawan the city thousands in Pekanbaru . Riau has some great potential Riau one
rich in natural resources namely oil . As we know that one of the Riau oil producers in Indonesia.
Precisely at Saber Duri subdistrict where the oil producers , which is one of the District who are
in Bengkalis . In fact finite Bengkalis District to obtain fuel oil ( BBM ) .
In theoretical models of implementation by Van Meter and Van Horn , there are six
variables that shape the relationship between policies and performance , the basic measures and
policy objectives , policy resources , inter- organizational communication and implementation
activities , the characteristics of the executing agency , economic conditions , social and political
, as well as implementing tendencies .
The method used in this research is qualitative research . With the technique that made
the snow ball sampling , the key informants in this study . In this paper that an informant
research is Disperidag Bengkalis , APMS and Communities Agency . Then analyze the data and
manage .
Based on the research that has been done , based on the theoretical concept . That the
implementation of Regulation No. Regents . 5 Year 2005 on Guidance and Control of
Distribution Business Administration Procurement and Distribution of Fuel Oil in Bengkalis
Bengkalis district , has been implemented by the Department of Industry . But not maximum ,
still there is a lack of fuel oil ( BBM ) in Bengkalis . Plus the lack of updates performed decree .
Keywords : declaring , Development and Supervision , Implementation , Fuel Oil

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