Kepentingan Jepang Menghapus Hutang Luar Negeri Myanmar Tahun 2012-2013

Neno Elviana, Afrizal "


This research analysest Japan’s interest to remove Myanmar foreign debt
in 2012 to 2013. Japan has bilateral relationship with Myanmar before World
War II. Post independence from colonialism, Myanmar has a military government
(military juntas) system. But, Japan continue to provide foreign aid to Myanmar.
in 2003 Japan stopped its foreign aid to Myanmar because of Human Rights
Issue. This research used relevant concept and theories such as national interest
concept, international cooporation theory, decision making theory, and foreig aid
theory. This Research shows that Japan’s national interest is to remove Myanmar
foreign debt for economic and political interest of Japan.
Keyword: Nation Interest, Foreign Aid, Japan, Military Juntas.

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