Siti Fatimah, Zaili Rusli SD


Cooperative is a form of business activities together with the community that can meet the
needs of economic and social together. Where in accordance with the meaning of the
Cooperative itself contained in Law no. 17 of 2012 on Cooperatives which states that:
Cooperatives are legal entities established by individuals or legal entities cooperatives, with
the separation of the wealth of its members as capital to run the business, which fulfills the
shared aspirations and needs in the economic, social and cultural fields in accordance with
the values and principles of the Cooperative. This study aims to determine the Coaching of
Cooperative Development by the Department of Cooperatives Small and Medium Enterprises
Pekanbaru City and to know the constraints in the Coaching of Cooperative Development
Small and Medium Enterprises Pekanbaru City. This research uses descriptive qualitative
approach. Informant research Head of Cooperatives, Head of Sub Division Personnel,
General, and Equipment. Data collection techniques by interview, observation, and
documentation. Data obtained will be analyzed by qualitative descriptive method. Based on
the results of research known that the implementation of co-operative development by the
Office of Cooperative Enterprises, Micro, Small and Medium City Pekanbaru already
coaching but not optimal and yet can be said good because the cooperative has a goal to
achieve the desired goal to improve the welfare of society as a whole through the institutional
Cooperative. There are two factors that become obstacles in the coaching of cooperation by
the Office of Cooperatives Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Pekanbaru city that is internal
factors such as limited facilities and infrastructure, limited funds for coaching program, lack
of accurate data of cooperatives, limited human resources (HR) coach cooperative, and from
external factors namely: lack of capital Cooperatives, limited human resources, and
Cooperative business is not run professionally.
Keywords: Coaching, Cooperative. Pekanbaru City.

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