Raja Sihornas, Zulkarnaini "


This research is motivated by the lack of maximum service provided of PucukRantau
sub-district officeof KuantanSingingi Regency to the societyand also high quality of
claim public services to the sub-district office. Although this claimis often do not match
with the expectations. Empirically, public services still characterized by a complicated,
slowly, expensive and tiring. There are many kinds of public service business in the
PucukRantau sub-district office is often reaped protests such as less effective and
efficient of these services.The purpose of this research is to know the implementation of
public service PucukRantau sub-district office in KuantanSingingi regency, besides that
to know the factors inhibiting the implementation of public service at the sub-district
office of PucukRantau in KuantanSingingi Regency. In this research the writers was use
descriptive qualitative research methods, this research method aims to analyze and
illustrated how the implementation of society services in the sub-district office
ofPucukRantau in KuantanSingingi regency. In this study the subject is the official and
the society were conduct service activities while the object of study is the
implementation of PucukRantau office in providing services to the society. In this
research there is a plan of thought as a reference in developing problems to the
researchers, the space of service is based on the principle of good service proposed by
Sinambela.The result of the study is found that public service inPucukRantau Head
Office still needs to be improved, both in terms of Human Resource and in terms of
completeness of facilities and infrastructure in implementing public services, so that
what people expect in PucukRantau District will be realized. One of the issues that need
to be paid attention in the Office of PucukRantau head is the professionalism of
employees to be more disciplined in carrying out duty as a service provider to the
Keywords: implementation, Service, Public

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