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Coffee is an important commodity and the third most popular beverage ingredient in
the World after Water and Tea.This causes Coffee consumption at the world to increase every
year. Therefore the demand for coffee from consumer countries is also increasing like America
and Germany.Coffee consumption levels in Germany are very high over 86% of Germans drink
coffee every day. Germany cooperates with coffee exporting countries such as Brazil and
Indonesia for meet domestic demand.Indonesian coffee exports to Germany in 2010-2014 have
fluctuated, where the lowest number in 2011 amounted to 27 tons and the highest figure in 2010
was 63 tons.
The research used qualitative research method with analytical descriptive
characteristic. The observational data in the analysis consisted of 5 factors: domestic coffee
price, world coffee price, coffee consumption level, GDP per capita, and rupia exchange rate
against dollar. Further dikonfersi dollar unity, so it can be made comparisons to determine
which factors are most influential on fluctuations of Indonesian coffee exports to Germany in
The results of this study indicate that the five factors, Coffee Consumption Level Most
influential on Indonesian coffee exports to Germany in 2010-2014 with drinking coffee culture
indicators in Germany has become a tradition since the 7th abab and German demographics
average age above 17 years and under 50 years, as well as retail segmentation to get coffee.
Key word: Coffee, Consumption, Fluctuation

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