PERILAKU MENYIMPANG PADA PEKERJAAN KARYAWAN HOTEL (Studi kasus pada karyawan House keeping SC Hotel dijalan Tuanku Tambusai)

Daniel Merdeka, Yoserizal "


This research aimed to describe the factors which make deviate
behaviorism on hotel’s employee. The Method used in this research is qualitative
research which analized descriptively. The theory used in this research are theory
of Robert K.Merton with the tipology of adaptation ways on deviate behaviorism,
theory of anomie and theory of Differential Association. In this research there are
7 subjects, the techniques of collecting data are observation,interview and
The result of this research shows that the deviate behaviorism at the hotel’s
employee caused by less control from the management and the wrong procedures
which done by the hotel’s guests such as; the of alcoholic and free seks. The two
factors which have big effed to make the employee do the deviate behaviorism are
internal factor and eksternal factor. Such as; environment,manager and the
hotel’s guest and economic problem is also include which make the employee do
the deviate behaviorism.
Keywords : Deviate behaviorism, Employee, Hotel

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