Kumala Citra Somara Sinaga, Belli Nasution


Terrorism is not a new case in Indonesia, several months ago Indonesia came to be terrorism action attack that happened in Sarinah territorial, at central of Jakarta. The bombed was happening in 14 january 2016, blowed up several times Sarinah crossing territory. “Bom Sarinah” is the first bomb since 2009 ago in Indonesia. Related with this case development, media pushed down to giving the latest information to people, by online media. Online media is the
This research using cualitative method, with analysis of framing Zhongdang Pan and Koscki Models. The objects of this research are the news that related with cases of “Bom Sarinah” in and which taken by cascading everyday, based by different topics from 14 January 2016 – 18 January 2016.
From the reconstruction or framing, was blowing up the human interest side from the police department, it is showed how brought the image of police department when treated the case of “Bom Sarinah” (news 16 January 2016) and the source that used by only have one source, the police department (news 14-18 January 2016) while taking from any resources or interests, it showed up from the news of that have not any sides of any specific resources (news 14-18 January 2016), the point of view which taken from the news is „what is happening at the field‟ and using several resoursces for making news, any of them are society and BNPT chief development.
Keyword :,, and Human Interest

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