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One corollary of the doctrine of territorial decentralization in particular
bore the tiered system of government, which in the context of the system of
administration commonly known in Indonesia with the central government
(central government) and local government (local government). In the context of
the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia) the establishment of
local government is a process that has been, is and will be ongoing. Done through
the formation of regional expansion, the region that gave birth to the process of
expansion of new regional governments although philosophically intended to
conduct regional arrangement, in fact also leaves many issues one of them a
border dispute between Kampar regency with Rokan Hulu is related that five
village , village of Muara Intan, Intan Jaya, Rambah Samo, Tanah Datar, Rimba
Jaya, and Rimba Makmur. The occurrence of the border dispute between the
Kampar Regency of Rokan Hulu certainly cause a lot of problems in society, one
that is fundamental to the uncertainty yuridisdiksi disputed territory, then the
public administrative services, community identity and political rights of the
people. Of course it should look for a solution see already so many rules that
establish the village setatus five. therefore the purpose of this thesis, namely; First
Legal Aspects of Settlement between Kampar Regency Village Five with Rokan
Hulu. The second implication of Juridical five disputed village on the
implementation of the Government.
This type of research is classified in this type of normative research,
because in this peneletian authors conducted a study of the principles of law and
legal systematics. While the source of the data used is using secondary data. Data
collection techniques in this study the authors use the method of assessment
literature or documentary studies.
From the research problem, there are two main things that inferred. The
first aspect of the legal dispute between Kampar five village with Rokan Hulu related closely with the region of Constitutional Law relating to Administrative
Law Second Border Dispute implications for the implementation of obscurity.
Advice Writers, First Minister of the Interior to immediately execute the Supreme
Court Decision No. 395 K/TUN/2011 as respect for the rule of law. Both the
Government of Kampar and Rokan Hulu district in order to promote the interests
of the five village communities in the village liam menyelesaiakan dispute. Third,
as an ideal law, the future of dispute resolution required an integrated border.
Keywords:-Dispute- Resolution-Boundary- Region

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