Ridho Kurniawan, Firdaus ', Riska Fitriani


Law Number 8 Year 1999 Concerning Consumer Protection is the legal basis for the protection of
the users of ojek online. Implementation of ojek transportation still there are some consumer rights that
have not been fully met by online motorcycle taxi drivers, s become one of the problems that have a major
impact on consumer rights. Therefore, the purpose of writing this thesis, namely: First, know the legal
protection of consumers as users of ojek online transport services, Secondly, knowing government efforts to
provide legal protection to consumers as users of ojek online transport services.
Type of research This research can be classified into the type of sociological juridical research is a
study of secondary data in the form of legislation, as well as the results of research law scholars, such as
books related to the subject. This research was conducted in Pekanbaru City, Riau. Population and samples
are Head of Department of Transportation Pekanbaru City, Head of Department of Investment and
Integrated Service One Pekanbaru, Staff Go-Jek Pekanbaru, Online motorcycle taxi driver Pekanbaru City
and Consumer ojek online Pekanbaru City. Sources of data used are primary data and secondary data. Data
collection techniques in this study with interviews, questionnaires and literature review.
The conclusions can be obtained from the results of research is First, Implementation of Law No. 8
of 1999 on Consumer Protection has not been in overall as there are still some consumer rights that have
not been fully met by online motorcycle taxi drivers. Secondly, the government's effort to provide legal
protection to consumers as the users of ojek transportation services online, there are two, namely the
government's effort in the short term that is to socialize the importance of using mass transit so as to attract
people who have been using private vehicles and conduct supervision. Second, the government's long-term
effort to create new regulations on online motorcycle taxis and revise the Law on Traffic and Road
Transport. Suggestion writer, so that the government immediately issued legislation concerning motorcycle
taxi online or revise the existing rules about the legality of motorcycle taxi online. Then it is expected to the
management of motorcycle taxi online to pay more attention and increase responsibility for the use of online
motorcycle taxi services, so as to provide a sense of security, and comfortable for both consumers and
drivers who serve consumers.
Keywords: Transportation Service-Transpotasi Ojek Online-Pekanbaru

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