Implementasi Peraturan Daerah Nomor 6 Tahun 2013 Tentang Pengelolaan Zakat Terkait Upaya Pengentasan Kemiskinan untuk Mewujudkan Kesejahteraan Masyarakat dan Keadilan Sosial di Kabupaten Siak

Afriano ', Mexsasai Indra, Dessy Artina


The problem of poverty in the community remains a major problem faced
by the Indonesian people. Of course, various efforts have been made by the
government, but have not shown satisfactory results. Likewise with the Siak
District Government where in the Regional Regulation of Siak Regency No. 6 of
2013 on the Management of Zakat also disputes as addressing the problem of
poverty. Zakat itself as a mandatory worship of Muslims, as well as the economic
equity in a country. Therefore, the introduction of the zakat mechanism is needed
as an alternative approach to solving the problem of poverty.
Government based on Presidential Decree Number 8 Year 2001
establishes National Amil Zakat Body or abbreviated BAZNas is the only official
zakat amil institution which has the task of collecting and distributing zakat, infak,
and alms (ZIS) at national level. The purpose of the establishment of BAZNas is
for zakat to be well managed, centralized, and right on target. The performance of
BAZNas should be evaluated whether or not the agency is in poverty alleviation.
BAZNas has a variety of programs that are expected to provide a solution to
reduce poverty in Indonesia, so the government to hold BAZNas in every region
and region.
This research is in the form of field research by looking at correlation
between Regional Regulation of Siak Regency Number 6 Year 2013 About
Management of Zakat with Amil Zakat Agency of Nasiolal of Siak Regency as
the driving force of the Regional Regulation in zakat management, with the object
of research is the problem of poverty in Siak District. The results of this study
show the role of BAZNas in running the Regional Regulation in poverty
alleviation does exist, but not yet significant. In realization, the program
owned by BAZNas can be said passive. The BAZNas program is not well
implemented due to lack of personnel and government attention. Yet
BAZNas is an amil zakat institution established by the government itself as
the management of zakat for poverty alleviation.
Keywords: Zakat Management, Poverty Reduction, Community Welfare

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