Penyidikan Terhadap Tindak Pidana Keterangan Palsu Dalam Akta Otentik Oleh Kepolisian Resort Kota Pekanbaru

Irna Dianis Purba, Erdianto ', Erdiansyah '


An authentic deed is a deed in the form prescribed by law, be made by or before
public officials ruling for it in a place where the deed made pursuant to Article 1868
Burgerlijk Wetboek. Officials authorized to make an authentic deed is a Notary, the
President, ministers, governors, regents, Head, Civil, bailiff, judge and so on. The authentic
act is one proof that has the force of law. However, still stout forgery committed by parties
that may cause harm to the other party. The role of the investigator is very important in
criminal cases counterfeiting authentic deeds, and therefore required the implementation of
criminal investigations in the area of counterfeiting deed City Police Law Pekabaru as stated
in Article 266 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Justice Act.
This research type is classified in this type of sociological juridical research. Because
in this study the authors directly conduct research on the location or point examined in order
to provide a complete and clear picture of the problems examined, the study was conducted
in Pekanbaru City Police. The data used is primary data, secondary data and data tertiary,
technical data collection using interviews and literature study.
From the results of research and discussion can be concluded that the First, the
implementation of criminal investigations in any jurisdiction in Pekanbaru City Police does
not run properly. Second, barriers Pekanbaru City Police are searching for evidence
pembading, presenting expert witnesses, the detention period of suspects, searching for and
finding an authentic deeds are false, and collect evidence at the crime scene. Third, efforts
made by the police within the constraints of the investigation of criminal perjury in an
authentic deed by City Police Pekanbaru is to coordinate the agencies (Notary, Head, etc.),
Searching for resources occurrence of criminal cases of forgery, presenting an expert
witness, gathering evidence, and to disseminate the relevant agencies (Notary, Head, etc.).
Advice authors, the implementation activities inquiry City Police Pekanbaru conduct the
investigation process can immediately resolve the handling of criminal cases of
counterfeiting authentic act and regulation governing criminal offenses be more specific in
setting the rules regarding the criminal act against false information in an authentic deed
and obstacles that occur during the implementation process of investigation can be overcome
with efforts that may be made.
Keywords: Investigation - Crime - Counterfeit authentic deed

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