Hardina Tanjung, Rika Lestari, Riska Fitriani


Commensurate with the nature of nature, humans from birth to death to live
together with another man, or man can not live alone, apart from other human groups.
Marriage is an inner and outer bond between a man and a woman who has grown up
under the provisions of the applicable legislation and is eternal and immutable toward
domestic life happy and prosperous. The verdict is the dissolution of marriage that has
been fostered by the couple, which is due to several things, such as death, divorce, and
the court's decision. Different partner Al Zuhri and Indrawati, the reason for divorce is
based on the decision of divorce conducted in Pekanbaru religious courts with case
number, No. 1182 / Pdt.G / 2015 / PA.Pbr with their chronology in the family is not in
harmony again because of the people to 3 and environmental factors that lead to quarrels
and disputes continuously so that between husband and wife can not retain the integrity
of the family as a reason for divorce Based on the above, the writer wanted to know How
are basic considerations judge in Pekanbaru Religious Court decision against the
payment of a living child of divorce Number: 1182 / Pdt.G / 2015 / PA.Pbr and Is
Religion Court decision limiting factor Pekanbaru against payment of a living child of
divorce and What efforts if Pekanbaru Religious Court decision against the payment of a
living child of divorce is not implemented
This type of research if viewed from the angle of its kind, this research can be
classified in social legal research. Social legal research is the author directly involved
doing research on the location or place of study, the data source used primary legal
materials, legal materials secondary and tertiary legal materials, techniques of this
research with the study interviews and a literature review.
From the results of this research and analysis of the author based on the
principle of legal certainty in mind first, the reasons for the decision in case No. 1182 /
Pdt.G / 2015 / PA.Pbr not in accordance with the basic laws and regulations are based
on Article 39 of the Marriage Act No. 1 of 1974, anyone can file a lawsuit on the
grounds: one party committed adultery or an alcoholic, junkie, gamblers, etc. are difficult
disembukhan, one party leaving the other party for two (2) consecutive years without the
consent of others and without a valid reason or because of other things beyond his
ability, one party gets a prison sentence of 5 (five) years or severe punishment after the
marriage took place.
Keywords: Decision, Livelihoods Giving Children, Divorce

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