Analysis of Humanistic Quality Service Layout Of Effect (case study on Ibnu Sina Hospital Pekanbaru)

Erikson Manurung, Samsir ', Iwan Nauli Daulay


The purpose of this study was to analysis the effect caused by variable Qulity Service Layout consisting of Ambient Condition (with respect to environmental conditions). Spatial Layout and Functional (spacious layout and function) and signs / symbols and Artefact (signs / symbols and artifacts). The population of this study amounted to 81 459, while the return of the sample using accidental sampling technique in order to obtain a sample of 100 people. The method of analysis used in this research is descriptive quantitative method, simultaneous analysis and partial. The results show that the Partial Simultaneous and Ambient Condition, Functional and Spatial Layout and sign / symbol and artefact effect on Humanistic Effect on Ibnu Sina Hospital Pekanbaru, and ambient conditon has the most dominant influence on the humanistic effect on Ibnu Sina Hospital Pekanbaru .

Keywords : Quality Service Layout, Ambient Condition, Spacial Layout And Fungsional, Sign/symbols And Artefact, Humanistic Effect.

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