Pengaruh Motivasi Kerja, Budaya Organisasi Dan Kompetensi Kerja Terhadap Kinerja Pegawai Di Bagian Keuangan SKPD Pemerintahan Provinsi Riau

Bambang Prasetio, Raja Adri Satriawan, Azhari Sofyan


This study aims to examine the influence for work motivation , organizational culture and workplace competencies to employee performance with the object of research personnel at the Riau Provincial Government on education finance . The sampling method using purposive sampling techniques and sample penerikan using Slovin formula with 10% error level . The author conducted research based data retrieval techniques through questionnaires . Analysis of the data that I use is besifat Quantitative analyzes of data through multiple linear regression equation with t test and test persial R2dan collected data is processed with the help of the statistical program SPSS 17.0 . The results were obtained as a partial conclusion that three variables t ( 2.920 , 26.103 , and 2.901 ) to 3 variables showed t is greater than t table . It was concluded that all three variabel ( work motivation , organizational culture and workplace competencies ) in this study affect the performance of employees . Furthermore, seen from the determination of test where a R value of 0.937 and R2 of 0873 or 87.3 % . independent variables affect the dependent variable, was 12.7 % influenced by other variables .

Keywords : Performance , work motivation , and Organizational Culture Competence

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