Pengaruh role stress, gender, struktur audit dan profesionalisme terhadap kinerja auditor bpk-ri perwakilan provinsi riau

Adhitio Pratama Ramadika, Azwir Nasir, Meilda Wiguna


The study aimed to examine the role stress, gender, audit structure, and
professionalism on auditor performance of BPK-RI representative Riau province.

The sample was taken using the method of purposive sampling from BPKRI
representative Riau province. The sampling used was of 50 samples. The
method of analysis in this study using multiple regression.

The results of this study indicate that gender and audit structure effect on
auditor performance. While role stress and professionalism does not effect on risk
management disclosure.

Keyword: Role stress, gender, audit structure, professionalism, auditor

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