Novri Sasra, Eka Armas Pailis, Ufira Isbah


This research was conducted in Pekanbaru City. Industry, trade, services, health services and other activities, where the cycle of world change recently changed a lot especially in the field of craft that very rapidly, so a good target for the sale or distribution of souvenirs and also the demand for products and other industrial services in Pekanbaru City. With the aim to know and analyze the influence of price, production cost, and profit on souvenir offer. The total population in this study is 12 ukm. The sample used in this research is 12. Using the census method, where the whole population becomes the sample. And data processing using multiple linear regression method with SPSS program. Based on the results of the test if the data using multiple linear regression can be taken several conclusions, namely: Price has a positive and significant influence on souvenir supply. Production costs have a positive and significant effect on souvenir offerings. Profits have a positive and significant effect on souvenir offerings. And price, production cost, and profit have influence together to souvenir offer in Pekanbaru City. Based on the analysis of factors affecting the supply of souvenirs, the effect of price, production cost, and profit can be given the following suggestions: a) The company needs to determine the pricing strategy, by stepping up and maintaining the quality and service for customer satisfaction. b) The Company may increase the amount of bid to raise profit by taking into account market conditions.

Keywords : Price, Production Cost, Profit, and Supply.

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