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This study was conducted on husband and wife at Desa karya indah Kecamatan Tapung Kabupaten Kampar. The purpose of this study is to analyze the meaning of sirang (divorce) Suku Batak Toba Kristen for the family di Desa Karya Indah Kecamatan Tapung Kabupaten Kampar. The focus of this research is to analyze what factors cause divorce for SukuBatak Toba Kristen at Desa Karya Indah Kecamatan Tapung Kabupaten Kampar.Sampling technique in this study is snowball sampling and set the number of samples as many as 5 couple. The author uses qualitative methods and Instruments data is observation, interview and documentation guide. The research that has been done can be concluded that the factors that cause divorce for Toba Christian Batak Tribe, (1) Education, due to the continuous increase of school fees for children, although at this time the 9-year compulsory education is not fully borne by the government, so parents feel overwhelmed. (2) Economics, such as a wife who always can not use money well with the importance of buying goods that are not sure of its quality. (3) Family, This becomes a problem if in a family does not have a son. (4) Environment, Other inconvenience when moving new environment but with neighbors that do not fit with family like neighbors have naughty children and quarrel with relative family relocation causing debate between neighbors in an environment. The Impact of Sirang, The family seeks no divorce because it has an impact as the relationship of both sides is not good, and the child becomes the victim if the parents divorce. So as bad as any quarrel that happened husband or wife will think twice for divorce. The study found there are some meaning of sirang in Batak Toba family, that is: (1) Disgrace for Family, The result of analysis from this research Batak tribe family is not allowed to divorce because become one of embarrassing thing. (2) Bridge Conflict of Conflict, One bridge of conflict resolution is by doing bargaining with a cold head between husband and wife. (3) Supervision or Customary Control, such as the involvement of relatives of one clan to solve the problems that continue to occur within the Batak family. Keyword: Sirang, Meaning of Sirang, Factors

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